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Stephen Colbert has had the real-life Donald Trump on as a guest before, but lately The Late Show host has taken to interviewing a cartoon caricature of the Republican frontrunner. He originally implemented the bit last week to mock Trump’s name-calling and childish behavior, and brought it back on Monday to address Trump’s low polling numbers in Wisconsin.

Trump is currently polling below Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, but the real-life candidate doesn’t seem too worried, and neither does his cartoon equivalent.

“I’m gonna get the biggest votes,” cartoon Trump said. “I’m talking check marks so huge, you’re gonna need two ballots just to fit it on there. Tremendous. Huge check marks.”

Colbert said that font size doesn’t affect votes, to which cartoon Trump replied, “I’ve never been accused of having a small font. Believe you me, it’s Helvetica bold.” When Colbert emphasized the importance of numbers and digits, cartoon Trump flashed two middle fingers at the host.

“Here’s another digit, that’s two,” cartoon Trump said. “I call them the Trump Towers.”

Watch the clip below.

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