Just like at the Grammys, the U.K. star sang the tune with gusto even during technical difficulties
Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Adele’s 25 world tour has been filled with fun and minor hijinks; the singer met her lookalike, helped a couple get engaged, and even gave twerking her best effort. Unfortunately, though, the tour has had setbacks, most recently when the sound cut during her ballad “All I Ask” at a Birmingham show.

Just like when she performed the same song at the Grammys earlier this year, Adele’s mic cut out for a portion of the performance. Thankfully, the Birmingham crowd was more than willing to help Adele out by belting the song for the minute that her voice was inaudible.

Although most of the crowd couldn’t hear her, it’s clear Adele is still giving the silent performance her all. In fact, the singer was surprised to learn that the sound cut out after the song had ended.

“Why did you all start cheering midway through?” Adele asked, regarding the moment her mic came on again. “I thought there was a streaker on stage, what was that?”

“The sound went off? The PA f—ing cut off?” she shouted in bewilderment after being told what happened. Check out the full video below.