Exclusive: The two actors play golfers Adam Scott and John Daly

Fact: There is both a professional golfer and a professional actor named Adam Scott. Fact 2: There is both a professional golfer and professional actor named John Daly. (Okay, the actor actually spells his “Jon.”) To celebrate those strokes of coincidence, Adam Scott and Jon Daly have joined forces and are teeing off on this comedic concept with The Adult Swim Golf Classic (April 8, 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, Adult Swim). Spoofing the made-for-TV matches from yesteryear — a la Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf — the half-hour special features Scott (Parks and Recreation) and Daly (Kroll Show) as Scott (2013 Masters champion) and Daly (two-time Major winner), facing off in a golf tournament. In the year 1966.

Still with us? Okay, let’s blur those reality lines even more. The outcome of The Adult Swim Golf Classic was not scripted, swears the network. The winner scores $10,000 for his designated charity, and the loser gets $5,000; if it’s a tie, each are awarded $7,500. (Scott plays for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital while Daly represents Save the Children.) In addition, the commentators for this showdown are Golf Channel’s Gary Williams (not to be confused with the former Maryland basketball coach) and golf instructor Eddie Merrins, who ad-libbed their analyses of the decidedly amateurish skills exhibited by Scott and Daly on the links.

Click on the video to see Daly be damned with the faintest of praise — and to watch Scott unveil one of his many quirky pre-swing routines.