A hip-hopera about historical wig and knee sock people? Consider us ready to invest
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Sure, the hit Broadway musical Hamilton has many devoted fans, but maybe none quite as passionate as “Betsy Ross” writer and Inside Amy Schumer producer Kim Caramele. “It’s actually a problem,” Amy Schumer, Caramele’s sister, says with a laugh. “She’ll put the soundtrack on at any, sometimes inappropriate time.”

The sisters walk to work regularly, and one morning when Caramele — who admittedly does listen to the score rather religiously — started singing, “I’m not throwing away my mop,” (a play on the show’s song “My Shot”). From there, the idea for the sketch “Betsy Ross” was born.

But to make “Betsy Ross” happen, one essential player was required: Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. “He said yes and I thought he was kidding,” says Caramele. “He couldn’t have been nicer and more game. He has so few hours free! I was so grateful he was there.”

Still, the night before shooting Caramele was nervous. “Whenever Amy makes me be in a scene I’m always worried I’m going to waste people’s time and blow it. She makes me laugh so hard that I really do ruin a lot of takes. In my defense, she does it on purpose. You can’t tell Amy not to make you laugh, she’ll go at you even harder because she thinks it’s funny.” (She’s not wrong. Says Schumer, “I went at it really hard. I love making her laugh and break on camera.”)

The finished product — which stars Schumer, Caramele, Miranda, and even Questlove on drums, but includes no on-camera laughter — is streaming exclusively below. (And don’t worry, you don’t have to have seen or heard Hamilton to get the joke.)

Inside Amy Schumer returns for its fourth season on Comedy Central on April 21.

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