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[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Sunday’s The Walking Dead season finale, “Last Day on Earth.”]

Fans of The Walking Dead have spent all season wondering who would perish at the hands of comic book villain Negan and his barbed wire covered baseball bat Lucille when the destructive duo made their debut in the season finale. Well, they’ll now have to wait another six months.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan indeed arrived as Negan in Sunday’s finale, and, like in the comic book on which the show is based, played his game of eenie, meenie, miny, moe to determine whom to kill. But thanks to some camera trickery that showed the event from the perspective of the potential victims, we head into the hiatus not knowing who was on the receiving end of those deadly blows.

Was it Glenn? Was it Daryl? Was it Michonne? Was it Abraham? Or someone else? Let the debates begin now. It was the latest in a series of cliffhangers on the show, which left Glenn’s fate in doubt for a month earlier in the season, and also ended last week’s penultimate episode with blood splattering the screen as Daryl was shot by his nemesis Dwight. The latest gambit will surely get fans debating who was killed, and whether this was one cliffhanger too many.

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

The episode began with the gang from Alexandria packing into the RV to get an in-labor Maggie to the doctor at the Hilltop to deliver her baby. But a roadblock awaited them as the Saviors had a prisoner from a previous group they wiped out as a warning, while once again trying to make a “deal” with Rick that involved taking all their stuff and killing one of them. Pretty lame deal, all things considered, and one that Rick declined.

So they backed up and went another way. But that was blocked with more Saviors. So they backed up and went another way. And this was blocked as well, but this time by a chain of zombies set up by the Saviors. So I guess maybe that’s progress? The group avoided gunfire long enough to open the chain and burst through… only to the come across a blockade with even more Saviors. So they — you guessed it — backed up. Then the next road was blocked by huge tree logs on fire. So, yep, backed up.

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Meanwhile, through all of this, Morgan looked for Carol, found Carol, lost Carol, then looked for Carol some more while Carol was busy getting shot multiple times by a Savior, who was then shot and killed by Morgan. (Take THAT, Eastman!) And they met some potential new armored allies.

Eugene finally had the plan to make the RV a decoy, so he drove that while the others all got out and continued on foot. SPOILER ALERT! It didn’t work. The group and Eugene were reunited in the woods along with Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita in front of a huge throng of Saviors who forced them to their knees to await the imminent arrival of Negan.

And then… carnage. We’ll have tons more coverage of the season finale but you can weigh in now with your thoughts below. And for more scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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