The time has come for Smithers to become his own man — and find a new one.

In Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons, after trying to profess his love to Mr. Burns, Smithers realizes that his boss will never return his affections, so he makes the big decision to quit Burns — professionally and personally. Homer comes to Smithers’ aid by trying to find him a boyfriend, and utimately Smithers falls forJulio, the returning character voiced by Hank Azaria that’s similar to the one Azaria plays in The Birdcage.

The producers have maintained that this isn’t exactly a “Smithers comes out” episode, as his sexual identity has been fairly evident to Springfield residents — and it will be treated as such in this episode. “We didn’t really want to have that big moment of ‘I’m out,’ you know?” Rob LaZebnik, who wrote the episode, told the New York Post. “Instead, just have it be a big embrace — like everyone knows it.”

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Check out these two clips from “The Burns Cage” (airing Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox), which also features guest voice George Takei.

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