Credit: Left/Right/AMC

Daryl Dixon is in pretty bad shape, having just been shot at the end of last week’s episode of The Walking Dead. But while some are questioning if the character’s ride on the zombie drama could be coming to an end, the man that plays him still has plenty of open road ahead of him.

Ride With Noman Reedus — which will feature the star and a different riding companion in a different city each week as they travel to a destination and explore motorcycle culture along the way — will begin its six-episode run on AMC in June, and we have the exclusive first look video at the unscripted series right here.

<Watch Reedus dish out hugs, thumbs-ups, and high fives in this promo featuring the first footage from the show. “I can’t think of anything we did that wasn’t awesome,” says Reedus.

You can enjoy the awesome for yourself by watching the video above to see if it gets your motor runnin’.

Ride With Norman Reedus
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