HelloGiggles’ People of New York unveils its season finale today, and the web comedy wanted to go out with a Weezer-centric bang. Airing on the same day the Los Angeles band debuts their new self-titled White Album, the episode features a sardonic ode to the group’s 2008 entry, “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.”

Following suit with the series’ slice-of-life spoofs on popular photo blog Humans of New York, the six-minute music video parodies the hipsters that have allegedly overrun the city. “We do all the ‘coc’ that we see: water, oil, lotion, butter, cream in our coffee,” the clip’s star duo sings as images of their absurdist adventures flash. Their wacky New York outing includes taking over a night club, dancing in front of a graffiti-covered wall, and eventually killing a passerby with a selfie stick.

Watch the hilarity unfold below. With Weezer’s affinity for using viral memes, perhaps the two will show up in a real Weezer video.

Produced by Mark Berger (Of Mice and Men,​ T​hat’s Not Us), PONY follows creator and star Jessie Komitor (Cruise, Deadbeat) as she rotates through a medley of stereotypical New Yorkers. Its six-episode run has caricatured everyone from Upper East Side elitist Lauryn to downtown theatre artist Joan. The PONYcrew is currently at work on a pilot for the series. Watch more episodes over on HelloGiggles.