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Anything you can tease about the Supergirl finale? — Olivia J

Considering the Berlanti-verse has a penchant for killing off characters before the end of a season — Case in point: Who’s in the grave on Arrow?! — I asked executive producer Greg Berlanti whether we should expect death in the Supergirl finale. “Yes, you should,” he said, “only because it would be a lot less exciting if I said no.”

Is it just me or is Olivia relying on alcohol a little too much on SVU? — Kristen

You’re not the only one who noticed, which is why I took the question of Olivia becoming an alcoholic to executive producer Warren Leight. “The pressure on Olivia will increase exponentially in the finale,” he says. “If she doesn’t hit bottom in that episode, she’s in for a dangerous fall.”

Does The Blacklist spinoff news mean that Tom and Liz are doomed? — Justin

I can promise you that Tom and Liz are planning a perfect day and that Liz does, in fact, walk down the aisle, so their relationship is not doomed … but I can’t guarantee a happy ending for all.

Hey Natalie, the return of Bones is finally approaching! Some new spoilers would be greatly appreciated! — Linda

Hodgens’ new condition certainly won’t stop him from getting back in the lab and attempting to work a case. But not everyone will be happy about his quick return considering it could endanger his recovery, which leads to a heartbreaking decision.

Is Raj going to choose between Emily and Claire on The Big Bang Theory? — Laini

Choosing, as we recently saw, does not come easy to Raj, so he won’t. “He might find himself dating more than one person at one time, which is very new territory for him,” EP Steve Molaro says, hinting there could even be a third girl in the future. “Yes, that’s the right answer! Thank you, Molaro!” Kunal Nayyar adds in response. “I think it’s great. We haven’t had a character do that yet. For five seasons, I couldn’t talk to women, so it’s nice to make up for lost time quickly. He is going to find it very exciting, and he’s going to brag about it a lot. We have some stuff coming up where he thinks it’s the coolest thing ever, but he’s going to feign that he’s not excited.”

I loved the Flash-Supergirl crossover! Is there any chance of one with Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow included, too? — Karen

That’s certainly the hope, though the question would be how it’s feasibly possible. The good news is that the Legends may have a way to bring everyone over to Supergirl‘s universe. “The Waverider can do [anything] and go anywhere,” EP Andrew Kreisberg reveals.

I really liked seeing Nate and Annalise happy in the How to Get Away With Murder finale. Will we see more of that next season? — Sarah

Depends on your definition of happiness. “The question is: What is Nate getting out of this?” executive producer Pete Nowalk says. “Why, out of all the people in the world, does he pick Annalise? That will be fun to delve into. I love them on screen together, and I think they’re a beautiful couple.”

Are you sure we can trust Simon on Quantico? That weird smile when he burned his cabin made me think he’s got something up his sleeve. — Micah

I was skeptical about him too, but it sounds like Simon is definitely not a threat. “I really believe that Simon and Alex’s connection is such that they’re probably the most truthful to each other out of anybody,” EP Josh Safran says. “So even if there ever was a danger of Simon having a screw loose or feeling on the edge of something, he would talk to Alex about it.” Guess that eliminates him as the terrorist.

Will we get more information on Cobalt during the second season of Fear the Walking Dead? — Kendal

Aside from Cobalt being the operation that killed off most of Los Angeles, there is a little more to it. “We’ll get a hint,” EP Dave Erickson tells me. “There will be an element of Cobalt that we will see, but we won’t go down the military road.”

Who do you think will win the election on Scandal? — Trisha

If you’re worried that Hollis may soon call the White House home just because of the current political climate, don’t be. “I don’t know that our show is going to base who wins off of what’s happening in the real world,” Kerry Washington says. “What Shonda [Rhimes] does is she takes the real world as it is and writes her version of how it ends up.” So if that’s the case, I would think Mellie would have the best chance. Cast your vote here.

Best news I’ve heard all week: The first two minutes of 12 Monkeys‘ second season is my everything. Cannot wait for this show to return!

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