By Christian Holub
April 01, 2016 at 02:26 PM EDT

James Corden’s signature interview style of combining multiple celebrity guests together on the couch can lead to some interesting pairings. Rita Wilson, for one, said she was the envy of all her friends when Thursday’s Late Late Show sat her next to Outlander star Sam Heughan. 

“When I told the girls we were going to be on the couch together, they were very excited,” Wilson said. “We’ll have to get a selfie or something.”

Heughan is used to female attention by now. 

“We have these amazingly dedicated fans,” Heughan said. “We’re shooting in Scotland, in the Highlands or next to a mountain, and we have fans that turn up and bring baked goods. A lot of cookies, muffins. I’m surprised they’re not here today.”

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At that, Heughan looked behind the couch for any sign of his dedicated fans, but Corden assured him he had nothing to worry about.

“They did arrive, but I’m sorry, they didn’t make it,” Corden said. “It’s very rare that baked goods will make it to this part of the day if they arrive here.”  

Season 2 of Outlander premieres April 9. Watch the full clip below, and check out EW’s recent Outlander cover story here.