The knife found on the property formerly belonging to O.J. Simpson has no connection to the double homicide of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, PEOPLE confirms.

“We did all kinds of forensic tests. We did DNA, blood, fibers. Everything that it could be tested for,” LAPD Captain Andrew Neiman told PEOPLE. “The testing came back and based on the testing there is no nexus to the double homicide at this time and the case remains open.”

Describing the knife as a “gardener’s small knife,” Neiman reiterated that no DNA was found that would link the weapon to the murders and added that the department took the situation very seriously, but do not know what they will do with the knife now that testing is done.

“We treated it as we would with anything else that has potential evidentiary value until we figure out whether it does or it doesn’t,” he told PEOPLE when asked if it was hoax, before adding about where the knife will go, “That is up to the investigation what they want to do with that.”

News of the weapon started circulating in early March when the knife ended up in the custody of the LAPD after the police department learned that a now retired officer had kept it in his possession since it was turned in by a construction worker years earlier when Simpson’s Brentwood mansion was being demolished.

According to the officer’s lawyer Trent Copeland, his client was given the knife when he was working odd duty on a movie set near the property in 2002.

“It was an old dirty rusted knife,” Copeland told PEOPLE in March. “The construction worker said ‘Hey look, you are the only cop I see around. I just discovered this around O.J. Simpson’s old place. What do you want me to do with this? Do you guys want it?”

Copeland continued, revealing that his client George Maycott tried to turn in the knife, but the LAPD said that they wanted nothing to do with it, as Simpson had already been acquitted.