There may be a character named Avery
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This week featured a double-whammy of John Green Q&As. The Paper Towns author answered 50 fan questions from Snapchat and did an AMA session on Reddit’s soccer forum. The first was wide-ranging in subject matter while the second focused mostly on a new movie Green’s producing about the AFC Wimbledon soccer club, but in both cases Green offered brief hints about his writing process and the status of his next novel.

Inevitably, one fan in the Snapchat Q&A asked for any hints about Green’s next book. “It concerns the White River,” Green responded. He also noted that the book’s release date is uncertain, but it won’t come out this year at least. Another funnier question asked Green to name a character in his new book “Avery.” At first he refused, but then rethought it: “actually, I kinda like that name. Maybe!”

The Reddit AMA had few answers about his next book, though Green did detail his writing process: “Most of my life as an author is spent in my basement, alone, writing in pretty much total sensory seclusion from the real world. (Like, the lights are off; I don’t listen to music; I get angry when there is sound in the house; etc. I am kind of horrible to be around when I’m writing, now that I think about it).”

Green also explained his thinking behind the Looking for Alaska ending: “I knew from the moment I started writing the book that we would never be in that car with Alaska. For me, the question I wanted to explore is whether it’s possible to go on leading a hopeful and thoughtful life in the face of unanswered questions–whether it’s even possible to be both hopeful and honest about the ambiguity that defines so much of human life.”

Watch the Snapchat video below, and read the AMA on r/soccer here.

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