Did you think Tetris was a thing of the past? Well, a group of German IT students are proving that the classic game is still huge — literally. By installing tens of thousands of LED lights into almost 400 windows, the creators of “Project Lighthouse” were able to transform a university building into their own gigantic arcade screen for games like Pong, Snake, and Breakout.

The project took place at Kiel University in northern Germany, where four IT students attached 144 LED lights each to 392 aluminum bars and affixed each bar to one of the windows of a 55-meter high building. After an estimated 5,000 hours of hard work, it was finally time for some play. The group programmed the lights to recreate arcade games, marquee giant words, and project giant moving pictures like a beating heart.

Project Lighthouse is the latest in interactive LED installations on giant buildings, a concept that has been replicated at MIT and in Philadelphia, among other places. The original, however, was another German creation: Project Blinkenlights, which began its work in 2001.