March 31, 2016 at 10:14 PM EDT

To say Ray Liotta has a unique reputation in Hollywood is a total understatement. His decades-long career includes portrayals of Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams and mobster Henry Hill in Goodfellas — roles that are charming at best, and charmingly psychotic at worst. Continuing to toe that line, Liotta recently returned to the small screen as Matt Wozniak on NBC’s new drama series Shades of Blue, where he stars alongside Jennifer Lopez playing the corrupt NYPD detective to her reluctant informant. Thursday, just before the Shades of Blue finale, he seized control of new territory by taking over EW’s Instagram feed — we’d like to say he bribed us, but we handed over the login willingly.

Could a reputation as a must-follow Instagrammer be Liotta’s next claim to fame? Check out the highlights from his takeover and decide for yourself — no pressure.

1. “Here is a pic of me doing publicity.” Gotta love a straight talker.


2. Hey J.Lo, think you can teach Ray a thing or two about hair goals?


3. Umm, is this for an episode called ’shades of black and blue’? Ouch is right!


4. Who knew Ray Liotta was such a child at heart?


5. Karsen Liotta is a budding actress, appearing in the recently released short thriller, Prettyface.


6. Wait, can DJ Khaled make a cameo on Shades of Blue? That would be (KEY EMOJI).


7. Hey Shades of Rainbow, come visit us in NYC — we’ve got a bagel with your name on it!

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