By Andrea Towers
March 31, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

New team-ups are on the way in Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, as Disney Interactive Games and Marvel Entertainment debut the mobile-based sequel to Marvel: Avengers Alliance. The new game doesn’t just update your favorite superheroes: it provides players with fresh partnerships and exciting new opportunities as they battle enemies such as Ultron, MODOK, Baron Strucker, and more.

“The game is a new opportunity to tell Marvel stories,” says Justin Woods, senior producer at Disney Interactive, when EW spoke with him ahead of the launch. “We see it as a platform, sort of an open shell that we can fill with great new Marvel characters and tell all kinds of brand new stories that have never been seen in any other media. Avengers Alliance 1 is a game that we really loved because it gave all Marvel fans something, and Avengers Alliance 2 is going to really look to do the same thing, and replicate that same magic by giving players an opportunity to have so many new authentic Marvel experiences.”

Those experiences come from a diverse roster of characters, which the team is excited to share. “We kind of all got together early on and said, which are the characters that we really want to make sure are in this game?” says Woods. “People are going to expect The Avengers, Iron Man, Black Widow, Guardians of the Galaxy…but we have some fan favorites as well, for example, a playable version of Electro from the Sinister Six. And it makes up for a really well mixed roster.”



“What I love about the game is just how deep and wide the character roster gets because the creators of the game are lifelong Marvel fans,” adds Bill Rosemann, Marvel Games creative director. “We had some ongoing conversation of not only getting the big huge franchise characters but also looking at the latest and the greatest from different marvel divisions like publishing, so you’ll see the next generation of heroes stepping up like Squirrel Girl, Nova, and Kamala Khan.”

As fans of both gaming and the stories that they create, the team took strides to make this second outing something that fans would enjoy. “When we were looking at Avengers Alliance 1 and started to see that the mobile platform was really taking off, it seemed really appropriate for us to build a new game from the ground up, as a mobile experience tailored to what mobile gamers really want,” says Woods. “It just made sense for us at that time to work to continue to tell more Marvel stories.”

“If you’re a longtime player of Marvel Avengers Alliance, you’ll find the story of Avengers Alliance 2 has connections,” says Rosemann. “But it’s been crafted in a way that if you’re brand new to this game, we made every effort for it to be completely accessible, so you can join the fight. And longtime fans will really appreciate the connection to the story and feel very comfortable with the continuity that we’ve set up.”



The original story for the game, written by Josh Fine (The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes), finds Marvel’s heroes in the middle of a mysterious instance where enter cities vanish without a trace. With villains taking advantage of the chaos, players can customize their heroes with special abilities and assemble teams to take into battle, and defeat the deadly forces that threaten to destroy their home. That story, combined with the new details of the game, makes Avengers Alliance 2 a special and different experience. “Each character has eight abilities they can choose from between each combat,” explains Scott Rudi, creative director at Disney Interactive. “You have three ability slots, so each ability has its own approach and philosophy. And what we’re going for is a synergy, not only within a heroes ability, but also heroes within a strike team. So let’s say Iron Fist is really good on his own, but paired with Luke Cage, it really opens up a lot of combat possibility and gives the player a lot of interesting choices.”

So, who is the creative team most excited to include in this new game? “I’m a really big Spider-Man fan,” shares Woods. “So when we got Miles Morales from Ultimates, who is now Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe into the game, I was very excited.”

“I grew up a Marvel fan,” says Rudi. “My great uncle still is a hardcore collector from the ’60s and so I was brought up on a steady diet of Thor and Hulk, and it’s great that they’re part of our core Avengers group. And in the past few years we‘ve become more of a Luke Cage fan, and he plays great in the game.”

As for Rosemann? “I’m really excited to see Marvel’s Women of Power strongly represented. You’ll see favorites from the films like Black Widow and Gamora, and we go deep from the comics, so you’ll have people like She-Hulk and Captain Marvel.”

Fans can download the game starting today via the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and the Windows Phone Store. Woods, for his part, is excited about what fans can look forward to. “I’m really connected on Twitter, and I know that what they were looking for in a sequel, and they really wanted a sequel that was tailored towards mobile gamer habits,” he says. “And I think that we built the exact game that they’re looking for.”


Marvel Avengers Alliance 2

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