'Kimmel, you communist suck-up!'

By Christian Holub
March 31, 2016 at 01:14 PM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Senator Ted Cruz on his Wednesday night show, meaning that the host has now had all four leading presidential candidates on his show. This hasn’t gone over well with everyone. Kimmel revealed angry messages his show received on Facebook for each candidate he’s had on: Hillary Clinton (“No more Kimmel in our home after that”), Donald Trump (“How could you disrespect Guillermo in such a terrible way”), and Bernie Sanders (“Kimmel, you communist suck-up!”). 

“If half of everyone hates me when a Republican is on and half of everyone hates me when we have a Democrat on, it adds up to everyone hates me,” Kimmel said. “To me, in order to decide who we should vote for, I think it’s a good idea to listen to what all the main people running have to say.”

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The complaints even got a little personal, according to Kimmel.

“My own uncle, my godfather even, castigated me on Facebook last week for having Hillary Clinton on. He said I embarrassed the family,” Kimmel revealed. “As if I hadn’t embarrassed the family a million times before! It’s the foundation of my career.”

Watch the clip below.

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