Meet Bonnie Ray Williams, who doesn't match what Jake knows about the past

By Shirley Li
March 31, 2016 at 11:55 AM EDT

Time is running out for Jake Epping (James Franco).

In the finale of 11.22.63, the fateful day arrives, but — surprise, surprise! — everything’s going wrong. At the Texas School Book Depository, Jake and Sadie (Sarah Gadon) encounter Bonnie Ray Williams (Grantham Coleman) — a key witness and co-worker of Lee Harvey Oswald’s (Daniel Webber) who would go on to testify about the events of the assassination to the Warren Commission — only to find that things have changed.

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At least, changed from what Jake remembers about history. With the building about to be closed when it’s supposed to stay open, Jake realizes he might not be able to carry out his mission to save JFK. “The past is changing things, and anything can happen,” Jake admits when Sadie protests.

Watch the exclusive clip above. The 11.22.63 finale hits Hulu on Monday, April 4.

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