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Like any typical 20-something, Amy Forsyth is a fan of Starbucks, cheese, and — of course — her adorable dog Charlie. Unlike most of her peers, this Ontario native just made her red carpet debut as a cast member on Hulu’s new series The Path, where she plays non-believer Ashley Fields.

To celebrate the show’s premiere (the first two episodes are available for streaming now), Forsyth took over EW’s Instagram to share photos from her big day.

1. Amy’s not much of a morning person, so she hand the phone over to her pup, Charlie, to kick off the takeover.

2. Charlie’s forging his own path this morning beginning with a walk in LA. Fortunately, Amy is a reliable follower.

3. The importance of daily rituals—particularly on special occasions—cannot be overlooked. Here, Amy and Charlie share a sip from the cup of life before continuing on their path.

4. Charlie’s down for a nap, so Amy strikes out — and up — on her own, on a quick hike with fellow actress and former co-star Zoé de Grand Maison.

5. We’d follow any path that leads to copious amounts of cheese.

6. The millennial version of “if a tree falls in a forrest, and no one hears it…”

7. Hashtag #stunning!

8. You’ve got to admit it: this photo makes you want to believe in Hawk and Ashley’s love.

9. Charlie’s back, with a special message for all of his new found followers: catch Amy in The Path,, now on Hulu.

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