Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Audiences know Hans Zimmer for his vast resume of impressive movie scores, including Inception, Intersteller, and Pirates of the Caribbean. But if fans looking forward to his next superhero score, will not find one anytime soon.

“I did Batman Begins with Chris [Nolan] 12 years ago. So The Dark Knight triology may be three movies to you. To me, it was 11 years of my life. Then I did Superman, then I did this one,” Zimmer told BBC Hardtalk, referring to the recently released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. “I have officially retired from the superhero business.”

“Every movie comes down to the same idea: do we have a story, or don’t we have a story?” Zimmer said. For the acclaimed composer, the story will continue, but not when it comes to caped superheroes, as Zimmer went on to explain that scoring Batman v Superman was harder than his previous projects, in terms of finding a fresh way to tell stories from a musical perspective.

Don’t get too sad, though — while he’ll leave caped crusaders behind, he’s not leaving composing entirely, and already has plans to re-team with Nolan for his next film, Dunkirk.