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“If I had one dollar for every time I’d been asked that question in the last year,” sighs Hodor actor Kristian Nairn, “I would be a very rich person.”

“That question” is, of course, whether Jon Snow is still alive.

As we all know by now, The Night’s Watch Lord Commander played by Kit Harington was betrayed and killed in the season 5 finale and appears as a corpse in the new season. Above is an exclusive video of six members of the Thrones cast talking about media, family, friends, and fans who been asking them about Snow, and below are more members of the GoT cast revealing to EW exactly what they say when they’re asked That Question:

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime): “I say, ‘He’s dead.’ It’s not hard — because he’s dead.”

Maisie Williams (Arya): “My answer is: ‘Yeah, he’s dead’ … It makes me laugh when people feel so sure that they know the answers, because I’m thinking: ‘You’re asking me the questions and I’m the one who has all the scripts, so if you’re going to listen to anyone it should probably be me.'”

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys): “It’s frustrating. People want him to be alive so much, you could just exhale and they’ll find a way to say, ‘That means Jon Snow’s alive.'”

Lena Headey (Cersei): “‘If I told you, I’d have to kill you.’ Or I just laugh.”

Conleth Hill (Varys): “You saw him die, so why you asking me?”

Gwendoline Christie (Brienne): “I only read my bits in the script, so I wouldn’t know.”

Liam Cunningham (Davos): “I say, ‘Yeah, he’s dead, he’s f–king dead.’ And people get angry about it!”

Alfie Allen (Theon):“He lives on — not physically.”

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