'I did some songs with Adele that she still loves,' Warren tells EW.
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Fresh off a monstrous few months in which she released a FLOTUS-sanctioned song “This is for my Girls” and saw the Oscar-nominated track “Til it Happens to You” spur the Academy Awards’ most powerful moment (with help from Lady Gaga, Joe Biden, and 50 sexual assault survivors), famed songwriter Diane Warren is already looking towards future projects that include more collaborations with Kelly Clarkson, Janelle Monae, Big Sean, and Olly Murrs. But her songs with Adele, which she revealed as possibilities for 25 back in 2014, may still come out.

“I did some songs with Adele that she still loves,” Warren tells EW. “Hopefully they’ll find their way onto her next album.”

Two years ago Warren told Hitfix that she traveled to London to work with the “Hello” singer. “I’m really excited about the stuff we did,” she said at the time.

But when 25 was released in November, Warren-penned tracks were nowhere to be found. “We did some songs early in the process for 25,” she says. “But I ran into her and she was like, ‘I still love those songs. I still want them. Don’t give them away.’ And they’re really good songs. Two, I think, are great.”

25 is out now.