By Lana, Maya & Zoe Soskin
March 30, 2016 at 07:00 PM EDT
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To be honest, I couldn’t even tell you what happened in regards to the girls dancing competition this week. Even though they went to Vegas, competed with an amazing David Bowie tribute for the group dance, and Kalani looked as beautiful as ever, dancing in solo, I barely remember it. That’s because this week had NOTHING to do with dancing. This week had everything to do with the horrible behavior of the moms, which then rubbed off on their children.  


We start off with a rare moment in the car with Melissa and her daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie, on their way to the studio. They discuss Maddie’s career and how she will always want to dance. But she does not want to pass on movie roles for “just another dance competition” — and when she puts it that way, you can’t disagree with her. She loves the ALDC and her friends on the team. Melissa makes sure to say that Maddie has passed on a lot of roles due to her obligation to this show, so the fans won’t skewer her if and when she decides to pull her kid. They then discuss how annoying it is when the moms fight. Mackenzie challenges her mom by saying, “It was really annoying that the moms were saying the competition was rigged,” (which Melissa denies saying) and that all she wants is for the moms “to stop fighting,” to which Maddie turns around and high-fives her. Maddie then says that she loves Brynn (I’m happy someone finally said it), but her mom is awful.


Even though Brynn is officially on the team, all the moms continue to hate Ashlee, which, in the end, only really affects Brynn. 


By the time the moms (and the kids) get to Pyramid, they are all fired up. Ashlee is upset because the other moms made Brynn feel terrible when she finally made it officially on the team. 


“Instead of it being a happy moment, it was an awful one for Brynn and I won’t let you treat her that way.” Ashlee says.

Jill starts screaming that she is not going to stand for this and that all Ashlee does is attack other people’s children. Ashlee denies it and says that Jill attacks Brynn all the time, so she should stop saying that Ashlee is the only one doing this. This is when Kendall talks back to Ashlee the first time: “She doesn’t talk about other kids!”  

“Yes she does Kendall, you are not out there!” retorts Ashlee.

Jill starts screaming again and Ashlee pipes in with, “You are just upset because Brynn has been having a better season than Kendall. It’s all over social media!” Kendall, who has been crying, runs up to Ashlee’s face and screams, “Why are you so mean?!!” Then Brynn starts crying. Then all the kids start crying. Then Melissa directs her kids to run out. Then all the kids and Moms run out, leaving Abby standing there, rolling her eyes with her hands on her head.

Melissa is screaming that her kids are afraid of Ashlee and calls Ashlee a pig. The girls won’t come out of the dressing room and Brynn is in hysterics because all the moms hate her mother and clearly don’t want her there.

Don’t these moms see that by acting this way all they do is make Brynn feel unwelcome and insecure? They can’t seem to separate the kid from the mom and as a mother watching this, it’s embarrassing. Is this how we want our children to behave? 

During the commercial break, my girls and I Periscoped live. I asked them if it was okay for Kendall to yell in another mother’s face and they said yes! They said that they knew it was wrong to scream at another adult, but Ashlee was a horrible person and they wanted her off the show.

I said, “Girls. How would you feel if all the other moms were saying horrible things about me? Wouldn’t you be upset? Would you like it if Kendall screamed at me?” 

They said, “But you are not a really mean person, so that would never happen.” 

I guess I have that going for me.

As a mom, I couldn’t get over the fact that Kendall never felt like she had to apologize for screaming in an adult’s face, especially, since her mother was doing enough of the screaming. 

The only person, who seems to be the voice of reason, is Holly, who has really stepped it up this year as the most neutral, normal person. Not even Jess, who none of this drama revolves around, should be ashamed of herself for continually stirring up trouble, to stay relevant on the show.

As Holly said, let’s take these conversations away from the kids and go outside. “We are supposed to be role models.” 

She is right. There is a reason why this show is called Dance Moms and not Dance Kids. In the end, they are still moms and who these kids are looking to in terms of how to behave in life situations. I know my girls look to me all the time. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I would hope I could see the bigger picture, like Holly, because it’s really easy to from my couch.

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