After Friday’s release of the film’s official poster, The Weinstein Company has supersized its serving of details on The Founder with the release of the first official still from the set.

The photo introduces Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the man who helped evolve McDonald’s from a local California operation into a global brand. Laura Dern co-stars as Kroc’s wife, Ethel Fleming, while Nick Offerman, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, BJ Novak, and John Carroll Lynch have supporting roles.

Keaton previously posted photos of the film’s various McDonalds’ sets during The Founder‘s production, which took place in Georgia throughout the summer of 2015.

Following a lackluster year at the Oscars, The Weinstein Company (whose biggest horse, Carol, failed to pick up many above-the-line nominations outside of the acting categories) is reportedly looking to score Keaton his second Academy Award nomination for his lead performance in The Founder, recently swapping its originally-planned Nov. 25 limited release date with the Nicole Kidman/Rooney Mara drama Lion.

“Award-caliber movies should be able to open any time of year and be successful,” Harvey Weinstein previously told EW. “This year I want to spread out our slate and give them the best opportunity to succeed. The Founder is brilliant and one of the most controversial films I have had the pleasure to be associated. The story of Ray Kroc should ignite adult audiences this summer and send the incredible team of John Lee Hancock and Michael Keaton back to the Dolby Theater.”

The Founder now will hit theaters Aug. 5 in wide release.

The Founder
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