See their 'love' immortalized in the music video for Lowndes' 'Deja Vu (Remix)'.

By Oliver Gettell
Updated March 28, 2016 at 09:34 PM EDT

Will we ever believe in true love again? Perhaps not after Jessica Lowndes revealed that her purported May-December romance with Jon Lovitz was in fact a viral stunt to promote her new music video for “Deja Vu (remix).”

Over the weekend the 27-year-old 90120 actress and the 58-year-old Saturday Night Live alum raised eyebrows with a series of social media posts teasing a steamy love affair, but Lowndes admitted it was all a ruse Monday.

“I know it’s still the last week of March,” she said in an Instagram video, “but is it too early to say April Fools’?” Lowndes then shared a link to the video, in which Lovitz plays an unlikely sugar daddy-turned hospital patient while snarky pop-up graphics provide running commentary.

In a statement released Monday, Lowndes said she met Lovitz while working on Hawaii Five-0 last year and “fell in love with his humor and comedy.” She also described the video as a nod to the kitschy TV series Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Pop Up Video.

Watch the music video for “Deja Vu (Remix)” below.