Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Monday’s first eliminated celebrity on Dancing With the Stars tried to go the extra mile this week with his high-concept salsa, but his number was already up going into week two of the show. But first, a spoiler alert! Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode of the ABC show.

Geraldo Rivera vowed to “make dance great again” by dressing up as Donald Trump for his salsa with Edyta Sliwinska, but it wasn’t enough to wipe away the 13 they earned on premiere night. But don’t worry, America: The newsman expected you to boot him on Monday.

“If I didn’t get eliminated tonight, I would have demanded a recount,” Rivera told Tom Bergeron after the show.

The ouster was especially bittersweet for Sliwinska, who returned to the show this spring after an 11-season hiatus. But she kept her chin up while talking to the press after the show.

“We knew we were at the bottom, and we knew there was a possibility that we might go home,” she tells EW. “We were hoping to stay because Geraldo has so much more to offer. He’s such a great addition to the show. It’s great to be back in the ballroom. I’ll be back next season hopefully and stay a little bit longer, but I don’t regret one minute that I spent with this man. I learned so much from him. We had so much fun together.”

Clearly. Check out his before-the-show photos.

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