Credit: YouTube/Michael MacILwee

A Chorus Line

Professional dancer Michael Macilwee is gaining viral fame for his performance of the opening number to A Chorus Line…dressed in a Tyrannosaurus rex costume. Macilwee performed in tours for A Chorus Line, Phantom of the Opera, and The Music Man, and has put his talents to good use.

“Several weeks ago I had said to some friends, ‘What if I bought one of those T-Rex costumes that went viral and did some Broadway dances in it?'” Macilwee told the From the Box Office Blog. “So I went online and ordered the costume. I went to pick it up at the post office and had it with me while I was teaching class. After the class was over I thought I would give it a try. The video is actually my first time dancing in it!”

Watch his moves in the video above.

A Chorus Line
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