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Let’s go, Voltron Force! Following the first image from Netflix’s upcoming animated series, the first teaser for Voltron: Legendary Defender has launched into action.

The footage, though brief, sees all five robotic lions combining to form the galaxy’s defender. Each zord will be manned by one of five earthbound boys — Hunk (voiced by Tyler Labine), Keith (The Walking Dead‘s Steve Yeun), Lance (Jeremy Shada), Pidge (Bex Taylor), and Shiro (Josh Keaton).

In addition to the teaser, the cast (with the exception of Yeun, who sent a video message) came out for a WonderCon panel to feature a first look at the human characters and announce the premiere on June 10.

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Kimberly Brooks voices Allura, who’s been asleep for 10,000 years, and Rhys Darby voices Coran, “the ginger lion from New Zealand” who also has “a screw loose.”

“I grew up with the show, and it’s very near and dear to my heart,” said executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos. “[The] previous show didn’t really leave the planet. We want to take the show on the road and show Voltron as defender of the universe.”

Writer Tim Hedrick said that “each of the pilots will have more in-depth stories” and later explained that the villain “Zarkon has a role in our show and he’s super bad! For 10,000 years, he’s been out conquering the universe.”

While the crew remarked how the original cartoon each resonated with them, Lauren Montgomery, co-executive producer, promised more diversity in this new interation. “Let’s represent everyone; show diversity and all types of people in this show.”

Voltron: Legendary Defender will debut June 10 on Netflix with 13 episodes.

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