The Bronze

Tonya Harding is having a big week. First, news broke that Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie would be portraying the figure skater in the upcoming film, I, Tonya. Now, Harding isn’t holding back in a pitch-perfect video for The Bronze, the comedy starring The Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch which didn’t exactly see box office glory when it opened last week.

In the clip, Harding and Rauch’s character, third-place gymnast Hope Ann Greggory, are meeting with a manager together — because “all champions take meetings together” — wearing nearly matching high ponytails, red scrunchies, and athletic jackets. (Harding’s is likely her real 1991 World Team jacket, as it says in the vintage embroidery.) When the manager expresses his concern over the film’s critical reception, Hope points out, “That’s ‘cause the critic judges don’t like girls from the other side of the tracks. Isn’t that right, Tonya?”

“Yeah, they like the f—ing ice princesses,” Harding declares with gusto, recalling the way Nancy Kerrigan was often described during their 1994 debacle.

Later, when the manager suggests not paying Hope overtime for her work on the film, Harding reminds us of her attempts at a second career as a boxer as she cracks her knuckles. It’s effective, so Rauch takes it another step further when she threatens to come after the manager if she finds out she’s making 78-cents to Bradley Cooper’s dollar (even though he’s not in the movie).

The clip concludes with Hope and Tonya giving the manager the bird as they head to the food court together.

The Bronze is in theaters now.

The Bronze
2016 movie
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