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If Barry is going to an alternate universe for The Flash-Supergirl crossover, will we see any doppelgängers from his Earth there? — Jesse

Not in the crossover, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see one in the future on Supergirl. “We just talked about that recently,” EP Greg Berlanti says. “There is room [for that], absolutely.” Speaking of familiar faces, “We have a really exciting, fun doppelgänger coming up in the penultimate episode of The Flash,” EP Andrew Kreisberg teases.

Nat, what can you tell us about Bethany Joy Lenz on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.??? Am I going to hate this character or love her??? — Mariangela

She’s probably not a good guy in disguise, so I’d say hate. “What’s interesting to me about the end of that [episode] is it seems like she was just raised in the family business,” EP Jeff Bell tells me. “It’s not what you expect. Powers Boothe really has done a great job this season, and not just being like ‘I’m a heavy bad guy, head of Hydra,’ but we really take him to interesting places going forward and I think he does a great job. A big part of that is the relationship he has with his daughter. I look forward to you getting to see that.”

Okay, I’ve read The Walking Dead comics. I know what happens when Negan arrives. Will the show go the same route? — Chris

I’ll let EP Gale Anne Hurd take this one: “We always change things up, one way or another, and I don’t think this is going to be any different,” she says. “But we are always inspired by the comic books, and I think fans of the comics will not be disappointed — but I don’t know that they’ll be able to figure it out entirely beforehand.” Suffice it to say, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will make quite an impression when he arrives. “Whatever you’re thinking, it is going to be not only bigger, but more wicked,” Hurd adds. “Jeffrey Dean Morgan is not only a fantastic actor, but he’s larger than life. And what can you say? He’s also got Lucille.”

Do you have info on what Myriad is on Supergirl? — Janey

You won’t have to wait long, especially considering the episode after the crossover is titled “Myriad.” “What we always try to get to with the villain plots is something that’s inherent in the question the show is asking,” EP Greg Berlanti tells me. “One of the big questions that this show is asking is: Are we all good or bad? Where does that inherent goodness, if it’s there in each of us, come from? How do you tap into it? Since Supergirl symbolizes that so much, that’s a little bit of what the villain plot deals with.”

Anything TVD?? — Kristy

When Vampire Diaries returns, Ian Somerhalder will be behind the camera, and as the director explains, fans can expect a big explosion … literally. “This car blew up and I was 200 feet away and I could still feel the heat and the percussion from this thing,” Somerhalder says. But according to him, the experience will be a bit different for viewers. “The audience isn’t going to get the blast that I felt. What they’re going to feel is real heartbreak for why that explosion happened.” Could another death be headed our way?

Any scoop on Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? — Cahill

This next tidbit could have to do with Jake and Amy, or it could have to do with another couple on the show. I’ll never tell! Here we go: A B99 couple will take the next step in their relationship, leading to one hell of a night that may or may not be akin to a bachelor/bachelorette party.

How will Olivia handle Edison now being in the race on Scandal? — Miley

To put it simply, “It’s complicated,” Kerry Washington tells me, though it certainly puts into perspective why Olivia is now working for her former frenemy. “There’s a real reason why Olivia feels the necessity to support Mellie,” she says. “Her reasons are both political and personal. This is her way of making up for taking time from Mellie, for not supporting Mellie more, for not being in Mellie’s corner and to try to make right some of the wrongs that she had in the last administration.”

Will we be seeing more Rufus on Supernatural? — Allie

There’s no official word at this point, but if it were up to Steven Williams, you’d be seeing Rufus around a lot more. “If you saw the episode where [Bobby] stabbed me, there was a line about me being very angry at him about something that happened in Omaha,” Williams says. “I want that story told. I would love to know what went down between Rufus and Bobby that has them on the edge. And then I’d like to see us both brought back to life! As I understand it, you have to be salted and burned on this show in order to really be gone [and] we haven’t been salted and burned.” He does have a point.

I’m really loving Eliza Coupe on Quantico, but what does her casting in that Hulu pilot mean for Hannah? — Simone

It just means there’s an end in sight — though whether she goes out willingly or in a body bag remains to be seen. “I am so sad that her arc is coming to an end, because she’s on a pilot,” Josh Safran says. “It’s been so much fun. Next week’s episode [episode 16, airing April 3] is a very Hannah-forward episode, and you’ll learn why [her] marriage [to Ryan] failed. That’s a nice little grace note to that story, so you’ll understand more.”

Is there anything you can tease about any of the Chicago shows? — Harold

I’ll take Chicago Med for $100, Harold. When the medical drama returns, Dr. Charles will be facing some personal issues. “You find something out about him that doesn’t have to do with his family or his ex-wives, it’s got to do with him and the way he interfaces with the world,” Oliver Platt tells me. “It’s very personal. It’s a really interesting thing to find out about a psychiatrist, and not at all unusual either.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: Have you seen the new Game of Thrones covers? So much scoop!

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li.

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