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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Psych! Peter Baggenstos made it safely through another vote on Survivor: Kaôh Rōng. And then he didn’t. His fellow former Brain Aubry originally wrote down the name Julia on her parchment, only to then cross it out and write Peter’s name instead. And that was that.

How does the victim of that last-second vote change feel about being eliminated in such a way? Time to find out! Peter called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to tell us how it all went wrong, and you can now hear the entire conversation right here on the InsideTV Podcast.

How brutal was it seeing both names on the parchment? Why did he stop pushing to get rid of his fellow Brains? Why did the ER doctor not help when everyone kept collapsing at the challenge a few weeks back? And did he throw the puzzle that ultimately sent his island BFF Liz out of the game? He answers all of that and more. A few highlights:

On Aubry’s final crossed-out vote:

“I thought Joe did that until now! I thought that was Joe who crossed it out the whole time because he always called me Pete, and the name was written down as Pete. But it was Aubry that did it.”

On what we did not see and hear at Tribal Council:

“This is the killer. And it’s been almost a year since this happened and it aired and might be giving me the PTSD, but Scot looked at me and he said ‘Let’s vote for Joe.’ And I acted like I couldn’t hear him so I stayed straight, because the information I got was from Joe that he was going with a vote I could rely on. So Scot, what they showed, was, ‘Let’s go with Aubry,’ because I wouldn’t go for Joe, which I wasn’t. I was going to stick to my plan. And it just kind of blew up in my face. They could have edited it to make me look like a bigger dork if they wanted to.

“Scot was going ‘Let’s vote for Joe,’ and I’m thinking, listen, I spent three days campaigning and you didn’t give me one confirmation, and now five seconds before the vote you want you all of a sudden go for Joe? I already told Joe I was sticking with him, as reluctant as it was. And it blew up in my face. No one gave me confirmation. I sat there for two hours talking in the ocean with Julia, and she just nodded at me. She never said ‘Yeah, that’s a great idea.” No one was working with me. I was trying to work with anybody but the brains and everyone would nod at me kind of glassed eyed, but they’d never give me a confirmation, like, ‘Yeah, Peter, let’s do that!’ So I was like, ‘I’ve got no moves left. Honestly, I’m done.’ ”

On why the others did not trust him:

“Right when we got on the beach, Aubry and Joe told everyone that I was this arrogant blah-blah-blah. And once that sticks in your mind, that first impression, that dialogue, and that narrative cannot be lost.”

On how he feels about the comments that he lacks emotional intelligence:

“It’s funny because that Tribal, as far as I knew, I was getting voted out. Right before we got on there, Liza said, ‘Peter, you’re gone.’ And two hours into Tribal I just freaked out, because it was Custer’s last stand. I was like, ‘I don’t care. Whatever the plan is, it’s not your plan,’ and was insinuating, ‘Your plan is to get me out. So my plan is definitely not yours.’ You know what, maybe Aubry’s right. Maybe I just have no emotional intelligence.”

On his bizarre box-stacking strategy:

“There’s another idea. They made it sound like I controlled it. I was like, ‘Guys, challenges are supposed to be challenging but also not one-sided. And we’ve got an NBA player in Scot who can get higher than anyone else. If this box challenge is supposed to be equal, why would they make it so only one team can do better than the other. It just doesn’t make sense. There has to be something else to it.’ So I just threw that idea out there, and everybody was like, ‘Yeah, you’ve got to be right.’ But the way it looks is, Peter said this. The last thing I wanted to become was this dominating, ‘this is the way you do it’ guy. It blew up in my face.”

On his medical issues you didn’t see:

“Right after that, I had to get surgery on my hand and back. I was out of it. From the game. I couldn’t even hold the machete to open a coconut. Right when I got off I was super-sick and I had an infection in my hand and my back and I had to get surgery on it. Let’s me just say this: So far of the two brains voted out, two for two went to the hospital, and that may or may not be foreshadowing.”

On why he, as a doctor, did not help out when all the contestants collapsed at the reward challenge a few weeks back:

“If you have too many chefs in the kitchen, it gets messy. And you’ve got to trust the medical care that they had. I thought the medical care they had was great and they’re in a third world country and they don’t have the same facilities that I have, so for me to just be standing up in the bleachers telling them what to do, it’s almost inappropriate, so I didn’t say anything. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any gross negligence, but for the most part it’s better to just stand aside and let the professionals do their work.”

To hear more from Peter, click on the audio player below to listen to the entire interview. (The chat with Peter beings at the 40-minute mark.) But that’s not all we have on tap this week. First up,Walking Dead star Josh McDermitt breaks down the most recent episode, including Eugene’s big bite. (One of the few bites on the show that does not involve zombies, by the way.)

Then, Better Call Saul star Patrick Fabian explains why Howard is being such a jerk to poor Kim Wexler. Not only that, but Patrick takes us through some of his most random guest-starring stints on shows like Silk Stalkings, Murder, She Wrote, Xena: Warrior Princess, and, of course, Saved By The Bell: The College Years. Hilarious stuff from the guest star extraordinaire. (The Patrick Fabian interview starts 18 minutes in.)

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