Pokémon GO will finally let aspiring trainers catch Pokémon in the real world — or, at least, on their phones — and now we have a few more details about what it’ll take to become the very best like no one ever was.

The Pokémon Company and Niantic Inc., the teams behind the upcoming mobile app, have revealed new details about how the catching, exploring, and level processes will work in the game that hides Pokémon for players to find while exploring the real world around them.

GO will take some of its cues from the original Pokémon games, including gyms, Pokéballs, and more as users go out into the world and find the pocket monsters based on real world locations. As indicated before, certain types of Pokémon will be indigenous to certain regions (water types near oceans and lakes, for example), and once a player encounters a wild Pokémon, they can throw a Pokéball and attempt to catch it.

Pokéballs and other items will be available to buy at PokéMart-style PokéStops, which will be found at certain prominent locations in the real world, including outdoor art installations, monuments, and other historical locations.


GO will give players their own individual levels, and as players increase their Trainer level, more powerful Pokémon and rarer items will become available. For those wondering about evolution and eggs, players can make their Pokémon evolve by capturing more than one of the same type of pocket monster, while eggs will be available at PokéStops and will then hatch after walking a certain distance.

Players can also join teams of players — they will be offered a chance to join one of three teams — which extends into the game’s adaptation of gyms. Once part of a team, players can take Pokémon to gyms, working with their fellow team members to create the most formidable challenge for other players who come across it. Gym ownership can be challenged by the two other teams offered in that trio. The game will also have additional challenges and achievements for players to accomplish.

Pokémon GO still has no release date in North America, but is set to arrive sometime this year. A user test of the app is coming to Japan while the game is in development, so expect more information about how it will be played in the months to come. A new generation of Pokémon games, Sun and Moon are also expected to release this year.