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When Younger creator Darren Star promised more “OMG moments” in season 2, boy, he wasn’t kidding! From sheep sex and The Empiriconda, to falling cranes and secret twin brothers, the TV Land series really delivered on the jaw-drops during its sophomore outing. And now, following the season finale, “No Weddings & a Funeral,” we break down the big moments and look ahead to season 3 with the help of stars Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff (douche burgers not included).

On the revelation that Thad has a twin brother named Chad …

SUTTON FOSTER: It’s great for us. We love Dan [Amboyer] so much, so when Thad died we were like, “Ahhhhh!” But then they were like, “We added a twin brother named Chad,” and I went, “Really?!” And they were like, “We’re just going to introduce him as if everyone knows except for you. We’re not going to make a big deal out of it.” It cracked us up. It’s actually such a funny sort of weird-ass twist to the whole thing.

HILARY DUFF: [Dan] actually did such a good job of really becoming like a different… He’s a granola version of Thad.

On whether Liza needs to worry about Chad figuring our her secret …

FOSTER: I don’t know! I have no idea. I hope that there is a world where the show has sort of grown beyond her secret. In many ways it’s really become about these multi-generational relationships and sort of how people connect despite age. I hope there’s a time where the show can exist without this big secret looming. The writers are in the writers’ room right now working on season 3, but I have no idea how it’s gonna play out.

On Chad as a new romantic foil for Kelsey …

DUFF: I think they’ve set it up to be maybe a potential love interest for Kelsey for an episode or two… When you’re grieving you make some weird decisions sometimes. So that could be a funny thing to explore. I’m sure they’re going to bring someone new in for Kelsey to have a romantic relationship with. And I think that Chad is going to be more of a problem for Liza.

On who they think is the better catch for Liza: Josh or Charles …

FOSTER: You can’t make me pick! That’s what’s so great about this show: They’ve presented two totally viable, fabulous options. It’s not like one guy is a douche and she just doesn’t see it and one guy is angelic perfect. They both have things to offer, and they both have pluses and minuses. So we’ll see. I’m curious. I’m curious to see how it plays out.

DUFF: It’s really tough for me because I love them both so much as people. We really get along so well as a cast, and Nico [Tortorella] brings something totally different than Peter [Hermann] brings to the table. But if I was an outsider watching, I think the choice that makes the most sense is Charles, but I love Josh and what he brings out in Liza … You’ll eventually see, especially in the third season, Charles and Liza are definitely going to have to take their relationship to the next level.

On season 3 hopes …

FOSTER: I think having her explore the relationship with both Charles and Josh would be fun. I hope that’s in the cards … The only thing I would hope for in this next season is that she tells Kelsey. Cause that’s the one [thing] that really is beginning to make me go, like, “Okay, she’s gotta tell Kelsey.”

DUFF: I’ve thought about [Kelsey learning the truth] a lot, and it’s kind of all up to the writers. Kelsey is sometimes a bit unpredictable, but I think she’ll be totally crushed and angry. Because she’s a very loyal person. When she loves you I think she has your back really hard and will fight for you, so I think she’s just going to look back at all the times they spent together and had to look out for each other and just feel really betrayed. The easy breezy side of me playing Kelsey just wants to be like, “Girl, I know and I have known.” [Laughs]

On whether Millennial Print will ever become a success …

DUFF: I’m sure in season 3 she’s going to find some success. But the thing that was so relatable in season 2 was, like, Okay, she got this big responsibility and she’s kind of blowing at it. So she’s lost all of her confidence, and she’s not making great choices, and she’s still fighting hard for it. And I think it’s really relatable for young people to really question what they’re made of even if they know their worth. But Kelsey is a fighter, and I’m sure she’s going to do something big this year with her job.

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