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Over the past few weeks we’ve been asking The Walking Dead cast members to name favorite zombie kills ever. We’ve already gotten the goods from Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Steven Yeun, and Lauren Cohan. All had some pretty stellar picks.

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However, when we went to Danai Gurira to select her favorite Michonne kill, the actress played a bit coy at first. “Oh, gosh, I always answer the favorite walker kill question as, ‘I love all my kills equally,’ ” says Gurira. “They’re all my special experiences.”

Yeah, whatever for that. Give us an answer! And that she did. Gurira went back to her first season on the show for her selection. “I did love something that happened in episode 12 of season 3, where there was a walker right behind me and I had to just stab him without looking and pull his brains out through the top of his head. That was fun.” We imagine it was.

Check out the video above to watch Gurira discuss the liberation of said brains from body and see the kill itself.

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