Hear the Minnesota-based punk band's latest song off their forthcoming album, '7 Hearts.'

By Jessica Goodman
March 23, 2016 at 01:25 PM EDT

Kitten Forever

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Minneapolis punk band Kitten Forever is all set to release their third album 7 Hearts Friday via Atlas Chair, and ahead of its debut, EW is excited to premiere “Cannon,” a quick, head-banging girl-power anthem featuring lyrics like “I want to go on and on forever/ I want to be as strong as the weather.”

“This was probably one of the last songs written on the album,” multi-instrumentalist Corrie Harrigan tells EW. “It’s one of the only songs on the album that we spent a serious amount of time workshopping and rewriting. We don’t usually do that.”

The efforts were worth it, they decided, when the song came together as a rousing tune about the idea of being a “good daughter” and challenging others (“You say you got something today, so say it”), set against hard-pounding drums and scratchy lo-fi vocals.

“There’s something weird when you’re writing songs that feel vaguely anthemic,” Harrigan says. “It has these lyrics that are vaguely a call to action but they’re not written in that way. They were written as a call to action for yourself.”

Co-founder Laura Larson agrees: “I think that’s a theme that is spread out throughout the entire album and pops up in all of our songs, almost unintentionally.”

With just 15 tracks, run through in under 30 minutes, 7 Hearts continues the take no s— party vibes that excelled on the band’s second full-length Pressure and elevates them with harder, nuanced messages about feminism and power..

Hear “Cannon” now.

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7 Hearts is now available for pre-order before its release on Friday. Kitten Forever will celebrate the album’s release next week in Minneapolis and kick off their tour in May

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