By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated March 23, 2016 at 04:18 PM EDT
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Though he’s been much maligned for his work in the fashion industry, at this point it’s pretty impossible to deny that Kanye West is anything short of an apparel marketing genius. Even if you don’t personally like his sneakers or clothing line, the receipts don’t lie, and the rapper is raking in the dough for his labors hand over fist. With a Shoe of the Year award already firmly under his belt, Ye just added a whole new bragging right to his roster of MC barbs, reportedly selling $1 million worth of The Life of Pablo merchandise in just two days.

For those still stuck about a month back in the rapper’s endless deluge of stream of consciousness tweets, or more likely yet, still refusing to download Tidal to find out what exactly a TLOP is, allow us to explain. Over the past weekend, West debuted a storefront on Wooster St. in New York City full of branded merchandise for his new album, and the response was akin to someone yelling, “free Yeezys this way!” Lines wrapped around the block basically 24/7 and customers walked out with bags and bags overflowing full of apparel, probably already calculating the profit they’ll make off the eBay mark up. And apparently the pop-up paid off big time, racking up a million dollars in a mere two days, according to the man himself.

And if you’re still balking at the rappers unparalleled crossover success, allow us to put his most recent victory into perspective. One million dollars in sales is a benchmark most fledgling brands won’t reach in a year, let alone a weekend. Granted those brands are also probably not backed by one of the most famous people in the world, but regardless, Kanye appears to have his finger on the pulse of the hypebeast public, serving up exactly the type of limited edition fare that drives them wild. But seriously, we’re still waiting on Kanye to deliver on that MTV VMAs “a Yeezy on every foot” promise. You know where to find us.

What do you think of Kanye’s TLOP merch? What would you like to see him design next?