In the actual White House, no less

One of Hamilton‘s many influences — in terms of portraying America’s political process with equal parts drama, wit, and humor — is Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing. There’s even a Tumblr that mashes up scenes and dialogue from the two works. Lin-Manuel Miranda and the rest of the Hamilton cast took this comparison a step further on their recent White House visit, reinterpreting one of the musical’s songs as a scene from The West Wing.

In the musical, “Cabinet Battle #1” is a showdown between Alexander Hamilton (Miranda) and Thomas Jefferson (Daveed Diggs). It transforms a historical political debate into a rap battle, in which the Secretaries of Treasury and State trade not only policy arguments but also outrageous rhyming disses. The latest #Ham4Ham video reverse-engineers it back into a political meeting. The video starts with President George Washington (Chris Jackson) and Hamilton doing The West Wing‘s signature walk-and-talk down a hallway. It then transitions into a regular old policy meeting, the kind that populate nearly every episode of The West Wing.

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The video is enhanced by the cast’s modern business clothing and the actual White House setting. Watch it above.

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