Room resulted in plenty of great things for its cast and crew — an Oscar nomination for director Lenny Abrahamson, an Oscar win (along with several others) for Brie Larson, and just about everything Jacob Tremblay did during awards season. But perhaps the greatest result of the film outside of its powerful story is the believable relationship on screen that translates to a wonderful friendship offscreen between the film’s two main stars.

Larson honored that friendship with Tremblay, along with everything else the film has brought into their lives, with a photo on Instagram following what she called “what may be our final toast to this film” in Japan, 28 weeks after the film first premiered at the Telluride Film Festival.

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“At its core, every step of the way has been taken with love. We were generous and patient with each other,” Larson wrote. “We laughed a lot, especially when it was hard. We picked each other up, answered for the other when one was tired and always kept silliness alive. Thank you Room for bringing us together. Thank you Room for uniting us with the rest of the world. Thank you to everyone who shared this journey with us. I will never ever forget it.”

See the photo and read Larson’s full ode to Tremblay and to Room below.

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