Credit: TBS

On Tuesday’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee examined a little-known but disturbing issue that has kept sexual assault victims from seeking justice from their abusers. As Bee reported, there are hundreds of thousands of rape kits across the United States that go untested for DNA evidence. And, often, the kits get destroyed even prior to the expiration of the statute of limitations on sexual assault.

Last year, the Georgia Senate attempted to pass a bill called the Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims act, which would require law enforcement officials to find, count, and test kits that had previously been languishing in evidence lockers. Despite passing unanimously in the house, Republican state senator Renee Unterman blocked the proposal, citing a $2 million federal grant that would “resolve” the issue, and, “There’s no reason to write a law because it makes you feel good.”

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Elsewhere in the country, Bee spotlighted Idaho sheriff Craig Rowland, who essentially believes that rape is over-reported and overexaggerated by its victims. “Police often find it was not actually rape — things just went too far and someone got scared,” he said. And, as Bee points out, shouting through her cupped hands: “That’s what rape is!”

“Most rapists are not college boys who were confused about consent that one time,” she added. “They’re serial rapists, and testing old rape kits is how you catch them.” Furthermore, Bee noted, both Unterman and Rowland are up for reelection in November and are currently running unopposed because “we don’t care about local politics,” she said. But “remember: local elections are a lot like rape kits. No one really wants to pay attention to them but if you bother to open them up you might just get rid of someone who’s been screwing everyone in town.”

Check out the full segment below.