'I remember those days,' says Gyllenhaal
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Taking a trip down memory lane on Monday night, Jimmy Fallon unearthed fake footage from Point Pleasant Police Department the fake cop show he definitely didn’t star in with Jake Gyllenhaal in the ’80s.

The conceit of this fictional procedural? Two cops (Fallon and Gyllenhaal) argue and spit coffee, crackers, apples, and basically every single other food product into each other’s faces — all while saying words with hard “p” sounds. In keeping with the live-to-tape talk-show format, Fallon and Gyllenhaal performed the three separate Point Pleasant Police Department sketches live, quickly cleaning off their messy faces in between each segment.

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Fallon has done this kind of sketch before, albeit without as much spillage. He and Bryan Cranston spoofed soap operas, as did Fallon and Martin Short.