By Anthony Breznican
Updated March 22, 2016 at 06:29 PM EDT

One of the scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice likely to generate the fiercest debate gets a preview in this exclusive IMAX “Behind the Frame” featurette.

When Batman dreams, they call it a “Knightmare” — and he dreams of a world decimated by forces beyond our own. He also dreams in giant-screen format.

While director Zack Snyder and cinematographer Larry Fong discuss the challenges of filming post-apocalyptic battle sequences with IMAX cameras, this video also gives fans a deeper look at what the world might look like in the grip of one of DC Comics’ most ruthless villains.

Created in 1970 by legendary comic book artist and writer Jack Kirby, Darkseid is a cosmic dictator from a world known as Apokolips (It’s nice; you should visit) who is looking to expand his dominion to our world. In Kirby’s “The Fourth World” series of comics in the early ’70s, Darkseid — who is represented by the omega symbol we see burned into the landscape in this video — sought the “anti-life equation” which would allow him to control all living things.

As it stands, he mainly controls a limitless army of gargoyle-like soldiers known as parademons — who appear to be working in cahoots with the Nazi-like human soldiers bedeviling Ben Affleck’s Batman. Darkseid also became one of the main antagonists for the Justice League. (Not so coincidentally, a Justice League movie starts shooting next month.)

Credit: Warner Bros

Here’s a look at how the screen changes depending on whether you watch Dawn of Justice on a regular movie screen or at an IMAX theater. Short of X-ray vision, this is how you’ll see the most detail Snyder’s film has to offer.

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