The Avengers
Credit: Zade Rosenthal

Thanks to the success of Marvel’s Netflix series, fans have been given the opportunity to watch stories about characters that probably wouldn’t get big-screen attention, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. But why limit that model of storytelling to just the Defenders of Hell’s Kitchen?

At Silicon Valley Comic Con this weekend, Avengers actor Jeremy Renner, who plays master archer Hawkeye, mentioned during a Q&A session that he would be open to doing a series centered on his character, should the opportunity present itself.

“I think that’s actually a really great model, if there’s ever a way to explore the character, maybe it’s in that world,” Renner said, speaking at a spotlight panel. “These are things that are really not in my control, but I’d be open to it. I’ve really enjoyed getting to explore the character more recently. The Netflix model is where all the character drama goes to now, you’re doing a superhero movie or a Netflix or HBO kind of model. So I’d be open to it. Not up to me, though.”

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While the first Avengers movie gave us only a little bit of Hawkeye’s character development, last year’s Age of Ultron provided a deeper background with the reveal that Hawkeye was a family man with a wife and kids. With the revitialization of the character thanks to the recent comic book series from Matt Fraction, David Aja, Jeff Lemire, and Ramon Perez, fans have been able to learn more about Hawkeye’s backstory since the character came into the scene. Still, in comparison to the other Avengers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even his partner Black Widow, there’s only a small amount of background that’s been explored when it comes to the character.

And hey, if we can get a Hawkeye Netflix series, maybe we can finally find out exactly what happened between Black Widow and Hawkeye in Budapest … in a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie, maybe? “In a second,” Renner responded when asked if he would consider doing a film with his on-screen partner, Scarlett Johansson. “I’d love to do that.”