By Christian Holub
March 21, 2016 at 07:14 PM EDT

This weekend’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will see Ben Affleck take up the legendary cape and cowl of Batman, but it’s not the first time the actor has stepped into a superhero outfit. Even after 2003’s Daredevil, Affleck also starred as original Superman actor George Reeves in 2006’s Hollywoodland. 

On Monday, visual editor Todd Spence put two and two together, cutting a Batman v Superman trailer that replaced Henry Cavill’s Superman scenes with ones from Affleck’s Hollywoodland. In the process he created a whole new monster: “Affleck v Affleck.” Batman-Affleck’s serious warnings about how Superman has the power to destory the human race and the hero’s hypocrisy certainly seem a lot more reasonable when mashed up with Reeves-Affleck drinking from a flask and asking if his Superman costume is too revealing.

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Watch the video below.