Frank Underwood went to Florida this weekend.

Kevin Spacey attended the Florida Panthers game against the Detroit Red Wings on Saturday, making a surprise appearance and showing up in a mask of his own face as part of the team’s “Spacey in Space” theme event.

A few weeks ago, the Panthers began gifting a blue sweatshirt featuring Spacey’s face to the MVP of each game, and while the players have sworn never to fully explain why or what it means, “Spacey in Space” has become an inside joke for the Panthers this season, culminating in Saturday’s game. In addition to selling replicas of the famed sweatshirt, the Panthers gave out Spacey masks at the BB&T Center on Saturday, leading up to the reveal of Spacey himself.

“I’ve become their sort of good luck charm, and I’m pleased they’ve been doing incredibly well,” Spacey said on the Today show last month. “I am a Spacey in space, and I’m very excited for them. I’m glad they’re doing well.”

Spacey teased a possible appearance at the game a few days ago, when he shared a video of himself packing his custom Panthers jersey emblazoned with 1738 — a nod to Fetty Wap.

Unfortunately for the Panthers, Spacey’s presence didn’t help their luck: Detroit beat Florida 5-3.