By Nick Romano
Updated March 19, 2016 at 02:36 PM EDT
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Did you know that John Krasinski based Jim from The Office on an old TV character named Balki Bartokomous? Neither did Jimmy Fallon because it’s not true. The actor tried to pass this revelation as fact during a giggling round of Word Sneak on The Tonight Show.

The game sees Fallon and his guest trying to sneak in words and phrases, like “prune juice” and “Fruity Pebbles,” into their interview. So, no, Krasinski is not really a fan of the March Madness team, the Stegosauruses, and he is not starring in an upcoming movie called Popcorn Shrimp.

Watch the clip from The Tonight Show below.

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Dry Powder, though, is the name of Krasinksi’s first Broadway play. As he told Fallon during the show, he got laughs from the audience because his fly was down during one of his performances.

“My favorite part was Hank Azaria, who’s incredible, happened to go up on his line, which means he forgot a line,” Krasinski said. “He was very upset about it and then he looked directly at my crotch and in his head he said, ‘I said, well, at least that’s not happening to me.'”

Hear the full story in the clip above.

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