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Supergirl may be stronger than a locomotive, but Melissa Benoist is a bit of a klutz by her own admission. The actress told Jimmy Fallon of one of her biggest spills — getting hit by a cab — during Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show.

It happened during her first semester at Marymount Mahattan College when she was learning to ride a bike. After she “pin ball machined” through cars and trucks, a cab backed into her.

“I had a huge gash here, and I was totally coherent, like no concussion or anything,” she said, “but all I remember is laying in the middle of 2nd Avenue and 68th Street screaming profanities at this poor man who hit me.”

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Hear the full story in the clip below.

Benoist continued her stories of misfortune with another slip during which he slipped down stairs, bashed her eye on a potted plant, and tore her iris. “I looked like Squirt from Finding Nemo.”

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