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Thanks for the crossover scoop! But anything you can tease about Supergirl that doesn’t have to do with the crossover? — Kendra

Kara will debate revealing her secret identity to someone new in an upcoming episode. “It is this ethical dilemma,” Melissa Benoist tells me. “Also, it’s a really big risk to trust someone with that, because if people were to find out that she was Kara Danvers, and her civilian life were to be ruined, the possibility of having any semblance of a normal life at all is gone. That’s a big struggle.”

How will Quinn feel about crossing paths with Hollis Doyle again on Scandal? — Jaime

Let’s see, Hollis Doyle killed Quinn’s boyfriend and framed her as the Molotov Mistress all in the name of rigging Fitz’s first bid for presidency. So, how do you think she’d react? “Not good,” Katie Lowes tells me. “I’ve had a completely different life because of him. I should be married to Jesse with three children, passing the Bar and being a cute little baby lawyer.” Instead she’s a Gladiator in a suit. In other words, Hollis better watch out.

Have anything Penny-related on The Big Bang Theory? — Donny

It looks like Penny may be ready for another change. “We’re starting to think about where Penny is in her life professionally,” EP Steve Molaro says.” While she’s doing well in her current career, she may not be in love with it. There will be another step.” She won’t be going back to acting, however. “Hell no,” Kaley Cuoco says. “I never want to shoot Serial Ape-ist again. That fake movie was the torture of my life. No, I’d like her to stay in real life and really have her have a real job.”

Do we know why Sam pulled Frank off the streets on How to Get Away With Murder? — Danielle

Not yet, but the show will likely explore that very question in season 3. “This is only one section of Frank and Sam’s backstory,” says EP Pete Nowalk. “Just like we don’t really know how Bonnie met Annalise either. Both of those backstories are something I want to explore through the series, honestly. Obviously Sam and Frank have a previous connection even beyond this secret. That’s something I want to keep showing, it just depends when and where.” In the meantime, get more scoop here and here.

Anything on Mary Drake on PLL?? — Susie

The arrival of Mary Drake is only Step 1 on the way to a full DiLaurentis family reunion. Speaking to the return of Jason in season 7, showrunner Marlene King says, “There’s going to be a very awkward family dinner with his aunt and his sister coming up soon.” And when asked if Mr. D could also join in on the fun, King says, “There’s always potential for Mr. D to show up. We won’t rule it out.” Talk about family drama.

Is Reade going to discover the truth about Jane on Blindspot? — Calisa

He’ll certainly try, but his attempts will actually put him in danger, leading Reade to be less than truthful with Mayfair. Speaking of team members hiding secrets, whoever is on the other end of that call will ask even more of Zapata than Carter did.

Can you tease some of the time periods we’ll see on 12 Monkeys this season? — Charlton

To do that, I’d like to first reveal that our favorite time travelers will have a new home base this season. “Cole will find a hotel room this season that he has been to before in many other adventures that he has not had yet,” EP Terry Matalas says. “It’s furnished with many items from the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, including Tab Cola.” We’ll actually see all of those time periods except for the ’80s, in addition to one other time period that Matalas is staying mum on.

How will the team react to Hive on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Alice

Depends on whom you ask, but Simmons certainly feels most to blame for their enemy not only being on Earth, but walking around in Ward’s body. “She’s going to feel so guilty, because it was her that aided that all to happen,” Elizabeth Henstridge says. “If she hadn’t of got sucked into the monolith, if she hadn’t been on that planet, if Fitz hadn’t risked everything to save her, he would never be back here. She didn’t think Ward could get any worse, but he did, and it’s kind of her fault, in a way. She definitely feels guilt for that.”

What’s next for Norma now that Norman’s in a mental hospital on Bates Motel? — Julie

Norman is not going to be happy about his new home, and he makes those feelings known when Norma pays him a visit. But Norma has her hands full with another issue: Her sort-of proposal to Romero. It might finally be time for Norma to face her feelings for the sheriff. The question is: How far will they take this lie?

What does Jerrika Hinton’s casting on that Shondaland comedy mean for her role on Grey’s Anatomy? — Karlie

As of now, “Stephanie is still there,” executive producer Shonda Rhimes says. But seriously, will this affect Stephanie? “Not yet.” Cryptic. Not surprising. It is Shondaland, after all.

Best news I’ve heard all week: This is not TV-related, but I just can’t contain my love for Now You See Me 2 or the fact that Harry Potter is playing what appears to be an inept magician.

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