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Consider it handled. Each week, Scandal fan-favorites Joshua Malina and Scott Foley, who play David Rosen and Jake Ballard, respectively, join forces to bring you behind-the-scenes scoop. Here, they revisit episode 14 of season 5. Check back each week for more — and of course, send feedback to us at @EW and to the guys at @JoshMalina and @scottkfoley.

Joshua Malina: “I see you!”

Scott Foley: Like in Avatar? Aww … I see you too.

JM: No. The title. Never mind, Six Toes.

SF: Pardon?

JM: Quiet. So … good ep. I watched again. Getting to be a habit. There was a lot of conflict and fighting in this episode. Two things I thoroughly enjoy in real life. I love the utterly fake, mirthless laugh that Olivia works up as she hate-enjoys dinner with you, Rowan, and Vanessa. And you refer to her as the “… sister I never had.” Perfect. So Game of Thrones-y, you two siblings.

SF: It’s an interesting “sibling” relationship, that’s for sure. This whole dynamic with Rowan as the paternal figure to these two characters is … interesting? Although I guess that depends on where you draw your moral lines. I have the feeling, although Jake did say “sister I never had,” that it was more to relieve Vanessa of any concerns in her mind than it was truth in his.

JM: Yeah, I felt a little jealous in this episode. David seems to be one of the few characters who doesn’t have secret cameras installed anywhere. I think he probably wanted to, but most D.C. secret camera-installing companies were busy helping the other characters.

SF: Yeah, probably. I never saw you as the jealous type though. Huh, I’ll file that little nugget away, use it against you at some point.

JM: I look forward to that. In any event, Huck is certainly the creepiest soccer dad EVER. “Dad, why didn’t you watch my game?” “Oh, I did, son.” “But I didn’t see you there.” “Oh, I wasn’t there. But I was watching. Yeah, I was watching.” “Okay. Please don’t call me ever again.”

SF: See, I appreciated Huck’s journey in this episode, his ability to see what’s best for the son that he loves so much.

JM: Well, then you’re creepy, too. I enjoyed shooting that scene with Darby. We haven’t Dabbied in a while. But there’s a little cut that I miss. In the original scene, when I mention Harrisburg, she says “Harrisburg?” and I’m like “Yeah, it’s the capital of Pennsylvania.” Burn. I liked it. Maybe they cut it for time. Waah. By the way, you were very good in this episode, as usual.

SF: Meh. I’m probably the most critical person when it comes to my own performances, as you know, but thanks.

JM: Please. I particularly enjoyed the moment when you spin Vanessa around, as you seduce her from behind (Oh, Shonda!), and you do kind of a porno take to the supposedly hidden camera, since you know that Olivia is watching.

SF: Umm, thanks? Do you watch a lot of porn?

JM: No, but I’ve read extensively about it. I believe they’re big on takes-to-the-camera. Anyway, good stuff.

SF: That was a fun scene to shoot. Finding the line between really creepy and just so so creepy was more difficult than I expected. This was an enjoyable episode for me. The opportunity to turn the tables on Olivia and maybe get one over on her was something that Kerry and I played with quite a bit.

JM: When Hollis says “Them free-loadin’ illegals,” he reminds me of someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. And how about the balls on the big guy? Obliquely referring to the Cytron card in the Oval. Them some big nugs. Also, good scene between Darby and Kerry. Apparently Darbs had a mini nervous breakdown before filming it, or so she said at PaleyFest.

SF: Such great stuff between Darbs and KW. I also really loved Katie in this episode. Her frustration with the situation at OPA and with Liv culminating in her freak out on the side of the road while they were looking for Huck. I thought what the writers did for Olivia, bringing up the kidnapping made a ton of sense and really clarified where Olivia is, why she’s been acting as she has, etc. There was another moment for me that really stood out and that was the scene with Fitz and Abby in the oval. Her pitch to him, outing Cyrus, wanting the COS job, I just loved it. But … once you take off the white hat … !

JM: By the way, big shout-out to Cornelius! He made me laugh this episode. He had a lot of subtle expressions that spoke volumes. During that roadside scene with Olivia and Quinn, and then Huck comes by and the body falls out of his car, Marcus has a very subtle look on his face that seems to say “Why did I take this job with these people?” Very funny.

SF: I agree. Cornelius is really finding his footing among this band of misfits, and I’ve been impressed with him. as a matter of fact he has a scene in an upcoming episode (I won’t spoil anything) but his performance blew me away. I can’t wait for people to see it. And if we’re talking about looks saying more than words, after Abby has told Cyrus that he’s fired, Jeff Perry turns his head and takes a look to his window that summed up so much about that moment. It was wistful and filled with regret and inevitability and I though it was just beautiful. So there.

JM: Co-sign. Great stuff from JP. Ok. That’s all I’ve got. You good?

SF: I’m good.

JM: Good.

SF: Good

JM: Is this a “getting the last word” thing?

SF: Might be.

JM: Jeez. Fine. I’ll give it to you.

SF: Good.

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