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There’s no better time for Oliver to join the Keating 5.

Now that his character has gone dark, EW can confirm that Conrad Ricamora has been promoted to series regular status for season 3 of How to Get Away With Murder. TVLine first reported the casting.

In a conversation about Thursday’s dramatic season finale, Murder showrunner Pete Nowalk told EW that Oliver “is pretty much working for [Annalise]” at this point, anyway, and that we’ll find out in season 3 why he was so desperate to stay in Philadelphia that he’d sabotage Connor’s chances at a normal, Annalise-less life.

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Ricamora first joined the Emmy-winning series in season 1 in a recurring role and proved a steadying, necessary foil for his hookup-turned-boyfriend, Connor, as the murder-complicit law student spun wildly out of control.

A premiere date for season 3 has not yet been set, but you can catch up on season 2 with our finale recap here, and our postmortem with Charlie Weber (a.k.a. Frank) here.

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