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Fox’s event series Shots Fired has added a trio of very familiar faces to its cast — two of them Oscar winners.

Helen Hunt, Richard Dreyfuss, and Stephen Moyer will star in the timely limited series that focuses on the aftermath of racially charged shootings in a North Carolina town, the network announced on Friday.

Hunt, who also headlined Mad About You and claimed an Academy Award for As Good as it Gets, will play the fictional and politically formidable Patricia Eamons, the first female governor in the state of North Carolina. Dreyfuss, the Oscar winner (The Goodbye Girl) who recently starred in the ABC miniseries Madoff, will portray Arlen Cox, a real estate giant who owns a privatized prison and is “intricately involved” in the shootings. True Blood alum Moyer is Officer Breeland, a veteran sheriff in the town who finds himself in the middle of the investigation.

Back in December, Sanaa Lathan (The Perfect Guy) was cast as an expert investigator who is looking into these cases. The cast also includes Stephan James (Race), who plays a special prosecutor who is dispatched to this increasingly divided small town by the Department of Justice. Lathan’s and James’ characters work together on an investigation that is surrounded by hordes of media, public debate, and social unrest. Also complicating matters is Governor Eamons (Hunt), who manipulates their investigation as she braces for an intense re-election battle.

In addition, the cast includes Under the Dome’s Aisha Hinds as activist-minded Pastor Janae James, who is “seduced by the spotlight,” and 90210‘s Tristan Wilds, who portrays Office Belk, who is being investigated for a shooting.

Shots Fired will debut later this year.