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SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Each week, host Jeff Probst will answer a few questions about the latest episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve done variations before of the odd person out scenario at a tribe swap — usually at Exile Island — where that person that is not selected joins the losing tribe later. Were there any other scenarios you discussed once Caleb went down and gave you an odd number of contestants? And how big a disadvantage is it for the person who has to go back to a beach alone?

JEFF PROBST: I don’t recall if we discussed other ideas, but this is one that always works for us because it creates new story instantly. And it typically brings out some kind of emotion in the players and the audience. You are either happy that the villain is being sent off or, in this case, you are feeling bad that Julia — the youngest person in the game at 18 years old — is being sent off to live on her own.

It’s a massive disadvantage. You are separated from tribal politics and you are forced to survive on your own. I think we take life on the island for granted, but it’s pretty brutal to go it without any moral or physical support. There is one obvious bonus in this case — you cannot be voted out. That’s the tiny silver lining for Julia. What she does with it will determine how much longer she lasts in the game.

Let’s talk some strategy. As far as I can tell, Tai’s two options at Tribal Council were the following. 1. Give Anna the idol, meaning Peter would go home, Julia would then join the tribe, and Beauty would be the new majority alliance and maintain a numbers advantage heading towards the merge. Or, 2. Sit tight and stay in the game with his idol, but remain in a possible minority alliance, unless he is positive Scot will flip to his side. Obviously, he opted for number two. Do you think it was the right call and what would you have done?

Man, it’s so hard to Monday morning quarterback that decision. I think my instinct would be to save Anna and hope that Julia remains tight with us and we run the numbers. But then I’d go sit in the water and think about how this game is typically played and how many times people switch alliances, and I’m pretty sure that I would decide my best bet was to hold the idol for myself, ensure MY safety and not Anna’s and play it out. The fun thing about this game is we’ve seen players go both ways with positive and negative results, so there isn’t really a right or wrong. It’s about reading the other players and then ultimately just listening to your gut.

Anna was my pick to win it all, so that shows you how much I know. Did I overestimate her gameplay or was she just the victim of bad Survivor luck with the tribe swap?

I think Anna has a LOT more game in her. She is a hustler, a negotiator, great in challenges, and a person willing to throw others under the bus to save herself. What’s not to like! She might be a great “Second Chance” nominee!

Tease us up for next week, sir!

Hmmm… How bout this? A first at Tribal Council. (And if not a first, it’s definitely been a very rare occurrence and one I actually cannot recall ever happening, which is not to say it hasn’t, it’s just to say my Survivor hard drive is full.)

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